Fleetguard PG Plus Premix Coolant 5 Litre

Fleetguard PG Plus Premix Coolant 5 Litre
Price: AUD $25.00 inc GST
RRP: AUD $33.00 inc GST

PG Plus is Cummins Engines preferred engine coolant. It is a high performance extended life Propylene Glycol based coolant. It is environmentally safe, biodegradable and non-toxic and therefore does not require a Poisons Schedule Number, Dangerous Goods Class or Hazchem Code.

With simple maintenance requirements PG Plus provides up to 750,000 kilometres or 12,000 hours of service life. If correctly monitored & maintained PG Plus has been known to last the life of an engine.

PG Plus is suitable for any heavy duty application and meets the requirements of ASTM D6210 and Cummins CES 14603.

Colour - Royal Blue

Part# CC2870


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