Extendable Wash Broom / Brush 3.2m

Extendable Wash Broom / Brush 3.2m
Price: AUD $25.00 inc GST
RRP: AUD $35.00 inc GST

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This wash broom / brush is ideal for cleaning trucks, buses, caravans, boats, 4WDs, homes etc.

Pole extends from 1.5 metres to 3.2 metres.

Pole is fitted with a garden hose fitting allowing water to flow through the pole to make the job easier. There is also an on/off valve at the bottom of the pole so the water flow, can easily be controlled. Grips are also fitted to prevent slipping.

The broom head is 10 inches wide, with soft bristles. The bristles cover the sides as well as the front face of the broom head to prevent scratching.

CA1732M + CA1735M





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